Mattishall Post Office

You may have heard rumours that Mattishall Post Office is closing, these rumours are false and in fact could not be further from the truth.

Post Office Ltd in their wisdom are changing the network of Post Offices and what they are proposing to do in villages such as Mattishall is to approach local retail businesses to see if any of these would consider having a Post Office incorporated within their premises. If any show an interest, then Post Office Ltd would forcibly close Mattishall Post Office, effectively taking away our livelihood. We would like to point out that if alternative premises are found, not only would your dedicated Post Office in Mattishall close, but also the services provided at the new Post Office would be limited as these new Post Office Local models are only allowed to offer a restricted range of transactions. We hope that when Post Office Ltd approach our local businesses they will decline the offer, thereby ensuring the existing Post Office in Mattishall remains as it is today – a dedicated Post Office.

We are fighting these measures and would encourage you to sign our petition which is available in the Mattishall Post Office.

Thank you
Marie and Tony