Clean it Up!

It has been brought to our attention that yet again there is a problem with dog mess being left on the playing field especially in the children’s play area.

A large amount of money was spent on the provision, repair and upgrading of the equipment to meet ROSPA safety standards.

Now we have reports of people being unwilling to take young children along to enjoy the area because of health concerns surrounding dog poo.

The Village Hall Committee have discussed the matter at length on many occasions.

The options we have are:-
1. Ban dogs from the field altogether
2. Allow dogs, but fence the play area, leaving the rest of the field open to abuse – particularly the football pitch.

Both of the above have arguments for and against, but neither solve the problem.

The main problem is that some owners are breaking the law and not cleaning up after their dog.

To start with, the committee request everyone’s cooperation.

We will put larger notices on the field to remind people and also provide poo bags for people to use.

But other responsible people can help. If you see anything untoward, do speak to the person concerned pointing out their antisocial and irresponsible behaviour. Also as most people have cameras on their phones, take a photograph as evidence and forward it to a member of the committee so we can pass it to a higher authority.

Hopefully if everyone takes some responsibility we can overcome this problem.