The Hall has been open for 34 years so it is not surprising that maintenance costs are an expensive drain on our resources. We do need to ensure that the Hall continues to stay attractive for hirers and the community. We are doing our best to not let the Hall deteriorate.

The large fire doors leading from the Social Club room onto the patio were replaced a year ago, because the old timber ones had rotted. Now the same fate has happened to another set of fire doors in the Hall itself. Each set of doors cost between £2000 and £3000 to replace, we do need to raise funds in order to pay for this. Also the curtains in the snooker/committee room are showing signs of age.

As  such the profits from the Christmas Bazaar on 2nd December and Table Top Sale at the end of January, will be put toward the cost of replacing these. So please do keep supporting future events so that a significant amount can be raised.

In our bid to keep the Hall energy efficient we will need to replace the other wooden framed windows. The cost of replacing them all will be in the region of £15000. We will only be able to replace these with the help from grants. If there is anyone who can help with recommending possible funding schemes/grants, or help by putting a bid together on our behalf, please get in contact with the committee with your ideas.